Sue's List

Sue's List

S for Stats

Are you tired of shoveling snow and dealing with the cold weather? Want to spend your golden years basking in the sunshine and sipping tropical drinks? Look no further than Florida, the land of the eternal summer and retirement paradise. According to recent statistics, 48% of the top US cities with the oldest population are in Florida, and 19% of Florida's population is over 65. That's more wrinkles per square mile than anywhere else in the country!

But it is not just retirees flocking to the sunshine state; it's also their money. In 2021, older generations, particularly baby boomers, hold a significant amount of the country's wealth, with 52.2% belonging to baby boomers and 15.2% belonging to the silent generation. They must have realized that the best investment for their golden years is a one-way ticket to Florida.

So if you are ready to trade in your snow boots for flip-flops and your sweater for a Hawaiian shirt, join the ranks of retirees and pack your bags for Florida. Just make sure to bring your wallet, as the older generations have a lot of wealth to spend on their golden years in paradise.

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As a lazy beach bum, I am happiest when I can sit on the warm sand, staring at the beautiful ocean, read a good book and not have a care in the world. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the smell of salt in the air are all I need to relax and unwind.

I am not a fan of crowds or loud noises, so I prefer quieter and less crowded beaches, where I can have my own space and enjoy the natural beauty in peace. I also love to have a good meal and a cold drink while at the beach; it's the perfect way to complete my ideal lazy day.

Now you might wonder why I am telling you all of this? Well, I have just discovered that there is a tiny island named Canouan, which is a Caribbean archipelago nation of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The island's limited population and secluded location also mean that it is not as developed as some larger Caribbean Islands making it a unique destination that is perfect for those seeking a more authentic Caribbean experience. With its natural beauty and luxury amenities, Canouan is the perfect destination for those looking for a relaxing and exclusive getaway.

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Many of you might not know that I adore chicken. If I were to write a love letter about chicken, this is what it would look like:

My dearest chicken,

From your tender breast to your crispy wings, you have stolen my heart. Your versatility knows no bounds, as you can be cooked in so many ways, each one more delicious than the last.

Your juicy meat and rich flavor make my taste buds dance with joy. Fried, grilled, or roasted, you. are always a delight. I love how you can be the star of a dish or play a supporting role, always adding depth and deliciousness.

I can never get enough of you. Whether it's a classic fried chicken, a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup, or a spicy chicken curry, you always leave me wanting more.

I love you, chicken. You are my one true love, and I can't wait to continue devouring you in all your delicious forms.

Forever Yours,

A Chicken Lover

That's why feathers will fly and taste buds will dance with the opening of the newest hot spot in town, Haven Hot Chicken. As the first Nashville Hot Chicken concept in New England it is sure to cluck up a storm with its finger lickin' menu options. 

Don't miss their 300 Sandwich Giveaway at the Grand Opening this Saturday, January 28! 

Location: 596 Westport Ave, Norwalk

's for small peeps


Get ready to roll up your sleeves and knead some dough, because it's time to make pasta! Not just any pasta, but home made pasta by tiny little hands.  Whether it is spaghetti, fettuccine, or even gnocchi, kids will have a blast creating their own pasta creations. From mixing the dough to rolling it out, kids will learn about the science of cooking and have fun in the process. And the best part? Enjoying the delicious fruits of their labor at the end. So, gather the kids and let's get cooking. It's time to make some pasta memories that will last a lifetime!

Pasta making with kids

Thanks for reading the entire list. 

See you next Tuesday,

Sue Lapsien

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