Sue's List

Sue's List

Sue's List

Thank you for the positive feedback on my first list! I am glad you found it fun and useful. And now, for my second list, I present to you the content that you never knew you needed... So sit back grab a snack, and get ready to add some new knowledge to your arsenal.

S = Statistics

Centi-Lifestyle: Living Like Royalty with Six Extra Zeros

Who does not dream of being a millionaire? Well, let's take it up a notch and aim for a centi-millionaire instead! With all those extra zeros added to my bank accounts, I'd be living life with champagne wishes and caviar dreams. From private jets to exotic vacations, the world would be my oyster.

While the world seems obsessed with the 3,38 1 billionaires, there is a group just below that bunch -centi-millionaires - and yes, in the US alone, there are 9,730 centi-millionaires. Those are the individuals who have at least US $100 million in investable assets, about 38% of the world's total of 25,490.

While centi-millionaire's wallets are overflowing with cash, their lives are filled with interesting pastimes.

For starters, centi-millionaires have a knack for collecting things. Classic car collecting, which ranked 7th, is on the rise. Globally classic car prices have increased 84% over the last decade (20 12-2022). Golf, art collecting, cycling as well as mountain biking ranked the top three pursuits of the world's centi -millionaires according to a report in Henley Partners/New World Wealth.

But it's not just the material possessions that are fascinating. They also love to travel. Which ones are their favorite spots? Here are their top ten holiday destinations: The Hamptons in NY, Aspen and Vail in Colorado, Jackson Hole in Wyoming, Palm Beach, and Mia mi Beach in Florid The Algarve of Portugal, especially The Golden Triangle, which is considered the Beverly Hills of Southern Portug the French Riviera and the gorgeous Lake Como in Italy, various ski towns in Switzerland, the Italian Riviera, African Wildlife Safaris and last but not least Tuscany in Italy.

Still, it's not just about luxury; being a centi-millionaire also means financial freedom and making a positive impact on the world. So let's join forces and chase our centi-millionaire aspirations! But always remember: they may be rich, but they are still just like the rest of us with a few extra zeros in their bank account.

U = Unique

Living the Float Life: A New Generation of Houseboats is born

Since I love the water so much, I have always dreamt about living on a houseboat one day. Living on a houseboat is a unique adventure where life on the water meets home sweet home. Imagine walking up to tranquil waves and endless views, trading lawns for docks, and making memories afloat. But don't be fooled; it's not all smooth sailing. From tight quarters to unexpected visitors (ducks and seagulls, anyone?), life on a houseboat can be quirky and delightful. So if you are ready for a change of pace and a new perspective, join me on this floating abode for a hilarious and heartwarming experience like no other. Here's what's in store for us:

1) Cost-effective Living: With a houseboat, you can have a waterfront property without having to pay waterfront prices. And who needs a big lawn when you've got the entire lake or ocean as your backyard?

2) Simplicity is Key: Downsize your life and simplify your possession with a houseboat. With limited space, you‘ll only keep what's essential, freeing up time and energy for more important things (like Margaritas on deck}.

3) The Community: Living on a houseboat means being a part of a tight-knit community of fellow houseboat owners and marina residents. Say goodbye to the same old and hello to endless boat-based shenanigans.

4) Get in Touch with Nature: Living on the water puts you in close proximity to nature, giving you a front-row seat to the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You'll get to experience the peacefulness that comes with being surrounded by water.


Still interested in the unique and adventurous lifestyle? Then consider the new version of the houseboat, which is more of a floating home and better than ever. The Land on Water design, created by Danish maritime architecture studio MAST, is the future of floating homes. Made from recycled reinforced plastic, these flatpack modules can be transported anywhere worldwide and assembled into various configurations to fit any lifestyle. Goodbye, Ieaks; hello, sustainability! No more worrying about stability or outdated design, just a flexible, sustainable, and stylish floating home. Currently, MAST is building a prototype to present at the UIA World Congress of Architects in 2023. The waves are calling, and soon it will be time to answer with the new Land on Water floating home!

E = Explore

Green overhaul: Revamping or building new with an eco-conscious style

Going green can be a headache, especially regarding home renovations or buildings. But despite the temporary pain, the result of eco-conscious updates can be beautiful and sustainable. Just ask me when my floors were refinished with polyurethane. I had a headache for a week. That stuff cannot be suitable for you!

Is there a way to build or renovate that improves not only your living space but also helps the environment? Yes, it is possible!

Start with the basics. Instead of tearing down walls and starting from scratch, consider repurposing and recycling old materials. For example, use old barn doors as headboards, or turn an antique dresser into a bathroom vanity. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also adds unique character to your space.

Next, it’s time to go green. Opt for eco-friendly products, such as hemp flooring, zero-VOC paint, and of course, energy star-rated appliances. You will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll also save money on your utility bills.

But let’s not forget about the fun stuff. How about installing a natural pool? How about off-grid and Net-Zero housing?

Got inspired, need some tips and tricks, or just want to see what’s out there? Find everything on this website.

‘s = small peeps

An hour of creativity and fun: One Kids’ Drop-in Art at the Academy Arts Studio of MoCA in Westport, CT

If I had kids, I’d always look for fun and educational activities for them. Guess what? The Academy Art Studio of MoCA in Westport offers just that with its One Kids’ Drop-in Art program. For just an hour, parents can drop off their children to explore their creativity and make new friends, while the parents enjoy the contemporary art exhibitions at MoCA. Not only is this program a great opportunity for kids (ages 3-7) to have fun and learn something new, but it’s also a great way for parents to enjoy some quality time. With the exhibitions at MoCA, parents can

immerse themselves in contemporary art, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, why not treat your kids to an hour of creativity and fun and make the most of the trip to the museum? Book your spot for today and give your kids a chance to unleash their inner artists!

Register here

Thanks for reading the entire list.

See you next Tuesday. Sue Lapsien

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