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Sue's List

Welcome to Sue's List, where we delve into a delightful mix of topics that will leave you both informed and entertained. Today's edition is a vibrant potpourri of subjects, ranging from the intriguing world of statistics on betting to the unexpected mattress war and even a toe-tapping journey to the beloved Fiddler on the Roof. 



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From Long Shot to Sure Bet: The Supreme Court's Gamble Unleashes a $220 Billion Sports Betting Bonanza

Would you have thought that betting would become such a huge industry??? Only  five years ago, the Supreme Court made a bold move by overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, setting the stage for the wild ride that is the legal sports betting industry. It's a numbers game like no other, with Americans having legally wagered a mind-boggling $220 billion on sports since then. That's enough to make your head spin faster than a roulette wheel! Not only has it become an inescapable presence for fans, infiltrating TV broadcasts and dominating conversations at sports bars, but it has also turned into a cash cow, generating over $17 billion in revenue for sports books and a whopping $3 billion in state and local taxes. With 33 states and Washington, D.C., boasting live, legal markets, and even more on the horizon, it's clear that sports betting has gone from a long shot to a sure bet. And speaking of bets, let's not forget the major players in this high-stakes game. FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars have emerged as the heavyweight champions, collectively controlling nearly 90% of the U.S. market. As the industry continues to grow explosively, with billions upon billions wagered each year and new markets sprouting like mushrooms after rain, it's only a matter of time before California, Texas, and Florida join the fray. Just remember, even though the odds may seem stacked against legal sports betting in these populous states, the game isn't over until the final whistle blows. So grab your popcorn, place your bets, and watch as this once Vegas-exclusive pastime transforms into a national sensation, bringing the thrill of the game right to your couch. It's a safe bet that the excitement is only going to intensify in the years to come.



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From Hawk Drones to Laser Light Shows: The High-Tech Battle Against Avian Pests Takes Flight!"

Farmers, airport operators, pipeline operators, and others faced with unwanted avian pests are embracing cutting-edge technology to shoo them away. Enter the world of high-tech scarecrows, where drones disguised as menacing hawks and lasers that politely disperse crop-eating or airplane-threatening flocks are stealing the spotlight. These innovative solutions matter because birds pose significant economic threats to farmers, jeopardize aircraft safety, and create nuisances at industrial sites. As the spread of avian flu adds urgency to the mission of keeping wild birds at bay, the Drone Bird Company has stepped up with a fleet of partially 3D-printed drones designed to resemble birds of prey. While some models mimic predators' flapping wings, it turns out that matching the predators' speed and silhouette is the key to effectiveness. These bird-like drones can operate autonomously, but CEO Jan-Willem van den Eijkel believes that manual control yields better results, even enabling users to guide flocks in desired directions. But don't just take their word for it – a blueberry farmer in Germany experienced a drastic reduction in crop loss, from 50% to a mere 5%, after utilizing the company's drone. While some airport managers remain wary of drones near runways, opting for alternative measures like air cannons, the intrigue surrounding bird-shaped drones extends beyond pest control. With their ability to carry payloads like thermal and RGB cameras, these larger avian impostors could have military or espionage applications, harkening back to the days of wartime carrier pigeons. As if that isn't enough, companies like Bird Control Group and Bird-X have taken a different approach by employing high-tech lasers to irritate birds until they vacate the premises. The bottom line? The era of the high-tech, 21st-century scarecrow has arrived, offering a fascinating glimpse into the ongoing battle against our feathered foes.


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Mattress Wars: Tempur Sealy Makes a $4 Billion Bedmate!

In a stunning shakeup, the mattress industry witnesses the biggest player acquiring the largest seller. Tempur Sealy's $4 billion deal to acquire Mattress Firm is poised to revolutionize the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of mattresses nationwide. With Mattress Firm's impressive store count of over 2,300 (despite closing 1,000 since its bankruptcy filing), the combined might of Tempur Sealy and Mattress Firm creates a global powerhouse boasting 3,000 stores, 30 e-commerce platforms, 71 manufacturing facilities, and four R&D centers. As the mattress industry struggles through a tumultuous period, marked by pandemic-induced demand shifts, the Tempur Sealy-Mattress Firm alliance emerges at a pivotal time. While sales of mattresses and foundations experienced significant declines, and competitors like Serta Simmons sought refuge in bankruptcy protection, Tempur Sealy is making bold moves to dominate the bedroom arena. The big question remains: Will the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) give the deal its nod of approval? If successful, Tempur Sealy would not only wield more influence but also control the largest sales outlet for some of its biggest rivals. As the FTC seeks further information, the mattress industry braces for a new era of power dynamics. Rest assured, Tempur Sealy is ready to conquer the bedroom battlefield!



For Small Peeps


Traditions, Love, and a Tevye-tastic Tale: Fiddler on the Roof at the Greenwich High School

Step into the colorful world of Anatevka, where Tevye, a lovable milkman with a knack for talking to God, takes center stage. Fiddler on the Roof weaves a whimsical and heartwarming story of a small Jewish community grappling with love, family, and the winds of change. With a blend of toe-tapping tunes and heartfelt moments, this musical extravaganza showcases the trials and triumphs of tradition in the face of a rapidly evolving world. Join Tevye as he navigates the chaos of matchmaking, parental expectations, and the ever-present fiddler on the roof. With laughter, tears, and a whole lot of soul, Fiddler on the Roof is an unforgettable journey that reminds us all to embrace the melodies of life, even when our world seems to be spinning like a whirling dervish. L'chaim to an enchanting tale that will leave you humming "Tradition" long after the curtains close!

Greenwich High School

10 Hillside Road, Greenwich, CT

Thursday, 5/18, Friday, 5/19 and Saturday, 5/20 at 7pm

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