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Sues List

SUE’s List


Welcome to another week of Sue’s eclectic list, where diversity is key and surprise is guaranteed. Get ready to add some excitement to your playlist of ideas, as I am presenting a mix that will make your eyes dance with joy.


S for statistics

Ah, the explosion of warehouses! It’s like a fireworks display, but instead of colorful lights, we get endless rows of gray boxes. You might be wondering why there are so many warehouses lately. Well, the answer is simple: online shopping. With more and more people turning to laptops and smartphones to purchase everything from toilet paper to treadmills, there is a never-ending demand for storage space to hold all those packages.

The US retail logistics market reached about $47,33 billion in 2022. While a Sears retail store sits empty and abandoned, somewhere else, a warehouse is stocking what used to sit on the retail floor…

The average size of warehouses in 2000 was about 65,000 ft.², compared to about 181,370 ft.² in 2017. Warehouses are located in urban areas, rural areas, and everywhere in between. They are much, much cheaper to build, but they are often big polluters, attracting

massive truck traffic -and pollution. There is currently about a whooping 582 million ft.² of warehousing space under construction in the United States. And so, warehouses have sprouted up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. They’re big, they’re small, and they’re everywhere you look. It's like an invasion of the box, people!

I get it! I am buying stuff online. We often don’t even have a choice and are encouraged by the same retailer to check out their larger selection online.

However, while online shopping has its convenience, it's important to consider the potential downsides and to support local communities and the environment by shopping in person when possible.


U for Unique

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in a treehouse? Well, I certainly have! Let me introduce you to the Treehotel in Northern Sweden, where your childhood dreams come to life!

Located just 30 miles south of the Arctic Circle and about 60 miles from Lulea airport, it is nestled in a small town called Harads near the Lule river. The Treehotel offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Guests are treated to one-of-a-kind rooms, each designed to blend in with the surroundings and provide stunning views of the Lule River valley, the powerful river itself and miles of forests.

Whether you’re a fan of sleek and modern design or a lover of traditional wooden tree houses, the Treehotel has something for everyone. From the “Bird’s Nest”, which looks like, you guessed it, a giant bird’s nest to the “Mirrorcube”, a cube shaped room made entirely of reflective glass to the “UFO”… When you arrive at the Treehotel, you check in at the Treehotel Guesthouse.

Then it’s just a short stroll through the beautiful nature to your treeroom. The options are truly out-of-this-world.

But the Treehotel isn’t just about the rooms; it’s also about the experience. Surrounded by pristine forests, guests are treated to a peaceful and serene environment. And for those looking for a bit of adventure, there’s plenty to explore in the surrounding area in the winter as well as the summer. So if you were looking for a unique and memorable experience, book your stay at the Treehotel in Sweden and let your inner child run wild in the trees. Oh and did I mention the Treehotel’s exquisite restaurant that serves local delicacies? This place is definitely on my bucket list!!!

Treehotel in Sweden


E for Explore

The Rich escaping Florida and Texas??? Yup, for some rich people, the lower taxes of Florida are not low enough, and they decamp to Puerto Rico where luxury home prices are SOARING: why? Puerto Rico has ultra-low taxes! ....Tax-free interest and dividends earned after you become a resident. No long-term capital gains tax on appreciation after you become a resident. 5% tax on long-term capital gain for appreciation before you move for any sales during your first 10 years as a resident. Sales tax is 11.5%. And of course, there are property taxes.

So, if you’re looking for a place to park your yacht, enjoy a Pina Colada, and save on taxes all at the same time, look no further than Puerto Rico. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.


‘s for small peeps

Attention all frozen souls suffering from winter blues! Have no fear; Stepping Stones Museum for Children is here to warm your hearts with its blizzard of family fun. From February 9-13, come step into a winter wonderland and experience the snowball festival.

Get ready to enjoy frosty adventures and learning-filled experiences with your loved ones. We’ve got character visits, which is exciting Wow! performances, a sweetheart ball, and plenty of other frosty festivities to keep everyone entertained. So, put on your winter gear, grab your mittens, and join this cooler-than-cool museum for a chillingly good time!

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