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For Statistics

Unveiling the Gender-Based Health Mysteries: Science Breaks Through the Barriers

Hold on to your lab coats, because science is uncovering a gender-based twist to our health mysteries! You see, doctors and scientists have long known that diseases can affect men and women differently. But here's the kicker: our drugs and treatments often fail to take these differences into account. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Take Alzheimer's disease, for example. A new drug just got the green light, but guess what? It might not work as well for women, who happen to be more prone to developing the disease. It's a classic case of one size does not fit all. Fortunately science is stepping in to save the day. Researchers are peering through their microscopes, studying the intricate dance of sex chromosomes and hormones, all in the name of unlocking the secrets behind these gender-based disparities. Did you know that 80% of people with autoimmune diseases in the U.S. are female? Rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's disease, and multiple sclerosis have a particular affinity for the ladies. On the flip side, men may be more susceptible to severe cases of COVID, but long COVID seems to favor the ladies. And when it comes to Alzheimer's, nearly two-thirds of those affected are women. It's like Mother Nature is playing a complex game of dice with our health. But  researchers are starting to untangle the intricate web of molecular underpinnings behind these differences. They've even discovered a gene on the X chromosome that's more active in female immune cells, and when they tinkered with it in mice with a disease similar to MS, the furry critters had fewer symptoms. It's like finding the missing puzzle piece to a complex jigsaw. So, buckle up, dear friends, as science dives deeper into the world of sex chromosomes and hormones, with hopes of improving treatments for all. Who knew that chromosomes could hold the key to personalized medicine? The future is here, and it's tailored just for you!


For Unique

Dumplings of the Future: Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Revives the Automat with a Hipster Twist

Step right up, folks, and witness the resurrection of the nickel-fueled culinary adventure! Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is breathing new life into the iconic automat concept. But hold onto your taste buds, because this ain't your grandma's meatloaf and tomato soup. Oh no, these vending machines are a gateway to a world of contemporary cultural mash-ups. Picture dumplings filled with mac 'n cheese, lamb gyro, or even fiery Buffalo chicken. Is this the hipster trend du jour, riding in on the coattails of conveyor belt sushi? Time will tell, but for now, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is spreading its automated magic with locations popping up like dumplings themselves. From New York to Dallas, and with sights set on Philadelphia, Austin, and even Vancouver, this modern twist on a bygone era is hitting all the right notes. So grab a CroSumpling or savor a classic pork bun because, my friends, the automat is back, and it's here to tantalize your taste buds with a wink to the past and a nod to the future. And hey, even Starbucks' own Howard Schultz found inspiration in these sleek and shiny food havens. The journey continues!

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop


For Explore

Ahoy, Washington, D.C.! 

Prepare to set sail on a wave of excitement as two self-captained boating fleets have made their grand entrance into the capital city. Anna Spiegel of Axios D.C. brings us the news, and boy, does it matter!

Washington has always had a deep-rooted connection with its rivers, and now, thanks to recent waterfront development, the boating business is booming like never before. But what exactly is driving this maritime frenzy? Brace yourselves for the answer, my friends: boat rentals are now up for grabs!

First in line is Sea Suite Cruises, offering a taste of the "Mad Men" era with their mid-century motorboats. Picture yourself as the dashing Don Draper, cruising along The Wharf for a delightful 1½-hour jaunt. These stylish vessels will transport you back in time while you navigate the waters of Washington, D.C. — a true retro adventure!

But wait, there's more! GoBoat has brought a touch of Danish charm to The Wharf and even extended its reach to National Harbor in Maryland. These Danish-style "picnic boats" are as cozy as can be, accommodating up to eight passengers each. With their electric vessels, you can embark on a tranquil voyage or throw a floating party with friends. Danish design meets D.C. waters — an irresistible combination!

Now, if the thought of simply renting a boat doesn't satisfy your nautical aspirations, fear not! Carefree Boat Club has a treat in store for you. They've created a "country club model" for those dreaming of boat ownership without the headaches. By paying a monthly due, around $440 at The Wharf, you gain unlimited access to a fleet of over 70 powerboats in D.C. and Annapolis. No worries about maintenance or docking fees — just pure sailing pleasure!

This news goes beyond the capital's borders, my friends. Brace yourselves for a rising tide of boat-on-demand platforms in other water-centric cities. It won't be long before similar opportunities emerge, allowing water enthusiasts across the country to embark on their own maritime adventures.

 All aboard!


For small peeps

Unraveling the Mysteries of Long Island Sound's Marine Life Aboard the Marine Life Encounter Cruise!

Get ready to dive deep into an aquatic adventure aboard the Marine Life Encounter Cruise on July 22, 2023, from 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm. Anchored at the Maritime Aquarium on 4 North Water Street Dock in Norwalk, CT, this expedition is the perfect opportunity to unravel the mysteries of Long Island Sound's marine life.

Join the crew as they embark on a thrilling voyage, studying marine biodiversity from the water's surface down to the very bottom. They’ll use some nifty sampling techniques, including a plankton tow, trawl net, and biodredge. These underwater magic tricks will conjure up a mesmerizing display of fish, crabs, mollusks, and more, right before your astounded eyes!

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the hidden wonders of the deep. The crew of seasoned marine experts will be your guides, offering fascinating insights into the interdependent lives of the sea's inhabitants. From tiny plankton to majestic creatures lurking in the depths, you'll gain a firsthand understanding of the incredible marine ecosystem that thrives beneath the waves.

So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and set sail on the Marine Life Encounter Cruise. This witty and immersive adventure promises laughter, awe, and a boatload of unforgettable memories. Don't miss the chance to embark on a voyage that will leave you saying, "Holy mackerel, that was fin-tastic!"

Who: Passengers must be at least 42 inches tall. Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Cost: $36 ($32 for Aquarium members

How: Reservations strongly recommended; walk up tickets sold, space permitting.

203-852-0700, ext. 2206 or


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