Sue’s List

Sue’s List

From the inception of the groundbreaking Rule 18—a regulation that has sparked conversations and implications across New York City —to the nuances of post-pandemic behavior that continue to ripple through our interactions, Sue's List is your compass through it all.
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NYC's New Roommate Rule: Get Ready for Unexpected Guests in Your Airbnb Adventure
Planning a visit to the Big Apple? Get ready for a potential new roommate in your Airbnb adventure! Today marks the start of Local Law 18 in NYC, where the rule of the day is that rentals under 30 days are limited to just two paying guests, and the host needs to stick around.
Want to list your pad? Be sure to give a nod to the Office of Special Enforcement (OSE) by registering. But hey, don't get too cozy with violations - they could cost you anywhere from a Benjamin to a grand.
Speaking of city vibes, this year has seen interest rates on the rise, housing prices staying put, and travel bouncing back, which means affordable stays are the new buzz. Quick-term rentals are stealing the spotlight, providing a cash boost for landlords, but also finger-pointing as a rise in rent and housing costs accomplice.
Hold the phone, here's a twist: more and more cities worldwide are hopping on the rules train, from capping rental nights to demanding licenses. Sneaky landlords are pivoting to month-to-month options, less shackled by regulations.
Airbnb is shifting gears too - bookings of at least 28 days are the new cool, making up a fat 22% of their bookings in 2022, up from a sweet 16% in 2019.  Looking ahead, Professor Sean Hennessey from New York University predicts a pivot toward hotels due to these laws. While NYC may just be a small slice of Airbnb's pie, Dan Wasiolek from Morningstar reassures us, "No biggie, Airbnb's seen tougher times and bounced back."
So, whether it's a rule-bound rental or a rule-bending escapade, the city's spirit remains as vibrant as ever. Enjoy your stay, no matter which route you choose!
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The Summer of Unleashed Eccentricities: Pandemic's Impact Lingers
As the curtains rose on the first true post-pandemic summer, it became increasingly clear that the wild antics we witnessed during the COVID era are still alive and kicking. Concert crowds hurling objects at performers, moviegoers chatting on their cell phones, and tourists transforming historical landmarks into selfie backdrops—it's a real-life circus out there!
Why should we care? Mental health experts are sounding the alarm about the alarming mix of worsening mental health and dwindling societal connections, both intensified by the pandemic. These factors might be the driving force behind the surge in uncouth behavior that's stubbornly outlasting COVID's reign. But, of course, there are other factors weaving into the tapestry of chaos.
According to Megan Ranney, dean of the Yale School of Public Health, we're witnessing a dismantling of social norms. Remember the toilet paper tug-of-war? Yeah, the pandemic shifted our perspective from 'we're all in this together' to 'every person for themselves.'
Neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez from New York adds, "It broke life as we knew it." The pandemic was a game-changer, and our behavior caught up in the aftermath paints a vivid picture.
Not to be a buzzkill, but not everyone's lost their marbles. Still, it seems like everyone's got a recent story of that entitled customer or the irate outburst at the local eatery. 
A study from the Harvard Business Review confirmed that rude behavior was on the rise. And guess what? Things haven't improved much since.
Blame it on our lessening social interactions and a surge in loneliness. While we're canceling plans like they're going out of style, we're also developing a knack for being less courteous. Hafeez calls it "silent permission to drop our pretenses."
Work's playing a part too. Burnout's spreading like wildfire due to longer remote work hours and workforce shortages. The constant Zooming's left us exhausted and craving downtime.
And let's not forget the political turmoil and technology's role. Social media's a main character stage where people feel entitled to disregard others. It's like everyone's starring in their own reality show, and narcissism is on full display.
But wait, here's the silver lining: chaos isn't an innate change in humans. The solution? Returning to community, rekindling the good ol' in-person interactions, and practicing the Golden Rule. So, let's put on our manners and make this post-pandemic era more pleasant for all.
Stay quirky yet kind!
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Dive into Adventure: Uncover the Hidden World of Poorhouse Brook!
Hold onto your waders, because it's that time of year again! Get ready to embark on a watery expedition that's sure to make a splash. Peel back the curtain on life both above and beneath the surface of Poorhouse Brook: from curious crayfish to crafty caddisflies. But here's the catch: you've got to come prepared to get your feet wet, literally! Dress in your water-ready gear and be ready to wade right into the stream's secrets. Don't worry, we've got the nets covered—no need to BYON (Bring Your Own Net).
Here's the scoop: everyone's invited, young and young at heart. Yes, that means even the adults need a ticket! Space is limited, with room for just 16 adventure-seekers. If you're 5 years old or older, consider yourself invited to the underwater party.
Sunday, September 10th, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Stamford Museum and Nature Center
Overbrook Nature Center
39 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford, Ct 06903
$12 for members and $15 for non-members
Register here (

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