Sue’s List

Sue’s List

This week is like a whirlwind tour through the unexpected! We're jetting from the scenic landscapes of Northwest Arkansas to the coolest ice cubes you've ever heard of, and then, we're diving into the IRS's high-tech tax crackdown.

For Statistics

Northwest Arkansas: From Awkward Teen to Thriving Dynamo

Northwest Arkansas is like that awkward teen going through a growth spurt, and it's bound to feel some growing pains. This cluster of 31 small to midsize towns is on the fast track, ranking as the 15th fastest-growing area in the U.S. It's on target to reach nearly 1 million residents by 2045, more than doubling its current size and rivaling the population of today's Austin, Texas.

Why does it matter? Well, this area, known for its farmland, friendly neighbors, and affordable living, is at a turning point. Leaders are making strategic choices to avoid the pitfalls of rapid growth seen in other cities.

Mayor Greg Hines of Rogers, Arkansas, emphasizes the importance of these decisions. The area is shedding its hillbilly stereotype, embracing art, technology, and entrepreneurship. It's become a hub for drones, driverless trucks, advanced mobility, and holistic health industries. Bentonville even earned the title of a "capital of cool" from The Wall Street Journal.

Instead of competing, the region's largest cities—Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, and Springdale—are collaborating on issues like mass transit, infrastructure, and workforce housing. Commercial property vacancies are nearly nonexistent, and cranes are dotting the skyline, constructing new buildings, including the new Walmart HQ.

In numbers, the region has transformed into the country's 100th largest metropolitan statistical area, with over 576,000 residents (up from 356,000 in 2003). The Northwest Arkansas Council reported a whopping 11,000 open jobs, while the state has seen a surge of new businesses, registering a 26% increase in the first half of the year compared to 2022 and a 56% jump from 2019.|

This growth spurt didn't happen by chance; it's largely been driven by the Walmart phenomenon. Suppliers like Procter & Gamble, Ghirardelli, and PepsiCo set up shop near their biggest customer, leading to the informal nickname "Vendorville."

So, while Northwest Arkansas may be experiencing the awkwardness of its growth spurt, it's also blossoming into a dynamic, forward-looking region that's anything but stagnant.

For Unusual

IRS Unleashes AI Tax Avengers: Going After Billionaire Tax Dodgers

In the world of real estate, where every transaction can have major tax implications, here's a lighthearted take on the IRS's AI-powered tax crackdown:

"Picture this: The U.S. government is putting its real estate magnifying glass on the wealthy elite and massive partnerships. Yep, the IRS, your friendly tax folks, are going all tech-savvy with AI to sniff out those sneaky tax violators.

Guess what? They've already used AI to kick-start investigations into a whopping 75 partnerships, with a mind-blowing $10 billion in assets. That's like checking under the sofa cushions for spare change, but on a billionaire's scale.

But here's the kicker: If you're making less than $400,000 a year, fear not! The IRS promises not to bother you with audits. They're setting their laser-focused sights on the high rollers and those big, faceless corporations.

This AI-powered tax hunt is all part of the IRS's plan to rake in more moolah through better tax compliance, thanks to some fresh funding after years of budget cuts. It's like giving a superhero a new cape and saying, 'Go catch those tax evaders!'

In a world where the super-rich often slip through the tax cracks, this AI-powered IRS move might just be the game-changer. But the big question is, will it be enough to outsmart the crafty tax dodgers? Stay tuned for the next episode of 'IRS vs. the Tax Evaders.'"

For Explore

Ice is hot

Ice, that cool and versatile companion of our drinks, has certainly come a long way from the simple cubes we used to plop into our beverages. Nowadays, it's not just about chilling; it's about the craft.

Bar-quality clear ice is the holy grail, and you don't need to be a mixologist to get it. Gadgets like the Ice-ology from Dexas let you be the ice maestro, producing two flawless 2-inch round cubes at home. Sure, it takes a patient 12 hours, but the results are worth it.

The demand for icy delights is soaring. Gen Z is all about cold coffee, with more than 60% choosing it over the hot stuff in 2022. In response, Nespresso and Keurig are now whipping up iced versions of their single-serve potions.

But the ice evolution doesn't stop there. LG, the trailblazing refrigerator maker, introduced those chic round ice balls in 2019 – a feat no one else has replicated. People want more than just cubes; they want variety. LG's ThinQ refrigerators now offer up to four types of ice: regular cubes, crushed, miniature, and those coveted 2-inch Craft Ice balls.

And hey, it's all customizable through an app. Want three ice balls a day with 90% clarity? Done. Craving six ice balls at 70% clarity? You got it. It's like having an ice concierge in your kitchen.
But here's the twist: not everyone is enamored with ice. In some parts of the world, ice is seen as an invader, stealing precious space from your drink. American tourists are learning this the hard way in Europe, where ice-loving ways can raise an eyebrow or two.

Yet, in the world of food, ice is having a moment. Food makers are embracing the frosty trend with open arms. From beer-flavored popsicles (yes, "Coors-icles" exist, and they're nonalcoholic) to frozen margaritas in ice pop form (Bud Light's "Freeze-a-Ritas," for adults who like to have their cocktail and chew it too), the options are chillingly delightful.

So, whether you're sipping on a crystal-clear iced coffee, admiring your perfectly spherical ice ball, or indulging in an ice-cold treat on a stick, it's safe to say that ice has become more than just a way to chill – it's a canvas for creativity and a symbol of our ever-evolving tastes in the world of beverages and beyond. Cheers to the frozen frontier!

For Small Peeps

Family Gallery Tour at the Bruce Museum

Picture this: you, your little explorers aged 5 and up, and your fellow caregivers are about to dive into a world of wonder and discovery. And the best part? It's not just a stroll through the museum; it's a journey that will have everyone talking about arts, sciences, and all things fascinating.

As you step into the museum, be prepared to unleash your curiosity and creativity. The Family Gallery Tour is more than just admiring exhibits from afar; it's about getting up close and personal with the magic of the arts and sciences. It's about sparking conversations that make you go "wow" and "aha!" Watch as your kids' eyes light up when they uncover the secrets of the world around them.

And here's the best part – this tour is absolutely free with your admission to the Museum. So, not only do you get to explore the wonders of our exhibitions, but you also get to embark on a memorable journey with your family.

So, if you're ready to create lasting memories, ignite young minds, and have a blast as a family, join the Family Gallery Tour. It's where art, science, and fun come together for an unforgettable day at the museum!

September 17 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Bruce Museum

1 Museum Drive

Greenwich, CT

More info (

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