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Sue's List

Dive into the stories that make you ponder, laugh, and maybe even rethink a thing or two. From the mundane to the extraordinary, from the financial realm to the realms of medical triumphs, enjoy this curated corner of curiosities.



For Statistics

From Power Drills to Plane Tickets: America's DIY Frenzy Shifts Gears

So, the buzz of America's home-improvement fiesta might be winding down, but don't pack up your toolkit just yet, because folks are holding onto their hammers and paintbrushes like they're secret weapons.

Why does this saga matter, you ask? Well, picture this: pandemic-induced homestays and a treasure trove of extra savings collided in a spectacular explosion of home improvement. Home Depot and Lowe's were riding this wave like rock stars, and even your neighbor's dog could hear the sound of nails being hammered into place.

But guess what? The plot thickens. As the world tentatively emerges from lockdown, our beloved home projects are getting a taste of FOMO as the limelight shifts to travel and entertainment.

And in the home-improvement Olympics, Home Depot just did a graceful pirouette. Q2 revenue might be down 2% from last year, but hold the phone! It's $700 million more than analysts predicted. The market's so impressed, it gave Home Depot a standing ovation with a 0.7% stock jump. Oh, and the average Joe (or Jane) spent about $90.07 on their DIY adventure, which, if we're honest, isn't too different from the previous year – but there were fewer trips to the paint aisle.

Big reno projects seem to be taking a breather, making way for mini home makeovers. Those epic shopping sprees of over $1,000 at Home Depot? They've shrunk by 5.5%. But wait, there's a twist in the plot – elevated mortgage rates are lurking in the background, ready to drop a raincloud on the parade of housing industry spending.

And if you think Home Depot's not the only one feeling the breeze, you're right. Furniture and home furnishing stores are experiencing a little chill, with a 1.8% drop in spending from June to July.

So there you have it, a DIY roller coaster of nail-biting renovations, epic paint battles, and the unexpected rise of staycation juggernauts. Will our heroes – Home Depot, Lowe's, and the rest – rise to the occasion as mortgage rates swirl like a villain's cape? Stay tuned, because in this home improvement soap opera, the next episode could involve a surprise guest: your very own toolshed!



For Unusual

Plastic Peril: The Credit Card Dance of Delinquency and Dollars

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for a credit card caper that's gripping the nation – more Americans are busting out their credit cards like it's a magic trick. Let’s dive into the numerical carnival that's been unfolding. The rate of new credit card delinquencies is having a moment of fame, surpassing even its pre-COVID glory days and landing at a feisty 7.2% in the second quarter. Not to be outdone, auto loan delinquencies have joined the party at 7.3%, proving that they too can boogie past their pre-pandemic performances.

But wait, the mortgage crew is being the wallflower here, keeping their delinquencies low and steady. However, here's the real showstopper: credit card balances have done a wild flip, somersaulting up by a staggering $45 billion in the second quarter. We've officially hit the trillion-dollar mark, folks. Cue the confetti cannons, because history's being made, and it's covered in plastic.

But as the curtain rises on the next act, there's a twist in the tale. Millions of Americans are about to be back in the student loan saddle, and rumor has it that some might be turning to their credit cards for a little financial rescue. Will this daring duet with debt lead to even higher delinquency rates? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – the credit card choreography is taking center stage, and it's a performance that's both thrilling and a little bit nerve-wracking.



For Explore

Biotech VC Extraordinaire Robert Nelsen: A Cancer Survivor's Billion-Dollar Journey

Robert Nelsen: the biotech VC who turns startups into gold mines and survived thyroid cancer like a boss. He owes his "I beat cancer" badge to a company his firm ghosted, sparking a hot medical debate.

Think of it as a scan showdown. On one side, cheerleaders root for full-body scans like they're health detectives with X-ray glasses, catching what sneaky physical exams miss. Opponents, though, roll their eyes and claim these scans are as costly as a diamond-encrusted stethoscope, often crying wolf with false alarms.

Nelsen? He's like the superhero of annual scans, donning his cape due to family cancer history. Those early scans? Just a thyroid lump hanging out, doctors say no worries. But in 2018, bam! That lump's got moves and Nelsen's spidey sense tingles – a "healthy" thyroid doesn't change..

He is the first to waltz into Stanford with five years of thyroid data. Turns out, medicine's playbook is more reactive than proactive – Nelsen's the pioneer shaking things up.

Oh, and those fancy scans? Critics say they're mostly selfies for the rich. Fair enough, but Nelsen's got a hunch. If venture capitalists keep the cash flowing, those scans could go from "members-only" to "everybody's invited”.

So, there you have it. Nelsen: VC virtuoso, thyroid thriller, and medical maverick. He's reminding us that in the world of billion-dollar bets and life-saving tech, sometimes the real jackpot is in challenging the status quo and showing that even superheroes need a little help from innovation.



For small peeps

Set Sail for Adventure: Dories Junior Sailing Camp Summer 2023

Ahoy, young adventurers and aspiring sailors! Get ready to embark on a nautical journey that's bound to make waves in your summer plans. Introducing the Sound Sailing Center's Dories Junior Sailing Camp, where every week is a new chapter of aquatic excitement and island exploration.

Until August 25th, the sun-soaked days are yours to conquer. They’ve lined up action-packed one-week sessions that'll have you navigating the open waters like a true seafarer. And guess what? There's a whole world of island wonder waiting just a short swim away.

On most days, they drop anchor in the serene embrace of water no deeper than 3 feet, all cozied up next to a charming island. Around 10:15 am, like clockwork, the adventure switches gears. It's island time! With sandy shores and sparkling waves inviting you, our crew makes a splash – literally!

Swim, wade, and make a beeline for the beach, where marine secrets and treasures await your discovery. And if you're not a fan of deep dives, they’ve got a trusty dinghy on standby. They are all about versatility – the Ensign can be beached so you can step off the bow onto solid ground, even when the weather isn't exactly swimming-friendly.

So, young sailors and explorers-to-be, if you're ready to hoist the sails, learn the ropes (literally!), and make memories that'll last beyond the tides, the Dories Junior Sailing Camp at Sound Sailing Center is your ticket to a summer of sun-soaked adventure.


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