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Sue’s List #37
From the dazzling world of lab-grown diamonds to the hidden charms of an island in Florida, and the cutting-edge tattoo technology sweeping through Texas. Join us as we explore the extraordinary, the unique, and the unforgettable – because curiosity never goes out of style.
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Dreaming about Amelia Island
A hidden gem in Florida? I know what you are thinking…but there is one and it is called Amelia Island. A friend recently went and told me all about it. Its rich history, affordability, and breathtaking natural landscapes make this island very inviting. Nestled as the southernmost jewel in the Sea Island chain, this barrier island off the southeastern coast of the United States offers pristine, uncrowded beaches along its eastern shores, while expansive salt marsh estuaries grace the west. With a length of 13 miles and a width of two miles, it's no surprise that both locals and visitors feel transported to a world of serenity and tranquility. The best part? Despite this remote atmosphere, Amelia Island is just a short 30-minute drive from Jacksonville, Florida, making it a convenient escape that's sure to leave an indelible mark on your memory. Consider it the perfect destination for a long weekend getaway. I can’t wait!
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Tattoos Get a High-Tech Makeover in Texas
Everything's bigger in Texas, but this startup, Blackdot, is all about thinking small to make a big impact in the tattoo world! With their computer-driven pixelation technique, they're turning bodies into canvases for intricate and precise body art. No more tricky translations for artists – just scan the design, and let the machine work its magic with tiny dots. The bonus? Less pain! And for the "cool kids" who crave highly detailed ink, this is a game-changer. But beware, it comes at a price – a whopping $8,000 for a design by artist Tyler Hobbs. Currently available only in grayscale, it's all about that minimalist vibe. With a third of Americans already inked up and the industry booming, Blackdot's fusion of art and tech is the next big canvas. They've raised millions and have plans to expand to cities like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and Miami. So, get ready to pixelate your skin and embrace the future of tattoos! You might just have to wait a little until Blackdot will come to Stamford, CT 💉🎨 #InkInnovation
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Best breakfast joint in the state
In the heart of Norwalk, Connecticut, lies a culinary gem that doesn't need a lot of hype. Speedy Donuts, recently crowned the best hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint in the state by, has been serving up delicious delights since 1969. This family-owned establishment on Connecticut Avenue is a haven for donut enthusiasts and breakfast lovers alike. From their mouth-watering donuts to egg sandwiches cradled in fresh rolls and stacks of fluffy pancakes, Speedy Donuts knows how to start your day right. And if you're feeling adventurous, don't miss out on their unconventional addition to the menu – soup! Word on the street is that their chicken orzo soup is an unexpected star. Whether you're a local looking for your morning fix or a visitor in search of a scrumptious breakfast, Speedy Donuts has got you covered.
The donut shop is open from 6am to 3pm; Sunday 7am to 3pm
Dine-in, take-out, no delivery
To contact, call 203-866-0044. 
116 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk, CT 06854
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