Sue’s List

Sue’s List

Cheers to a New Year, and welcome to Sue's eclectic list of wonders that range from the frosty peaks of Arctic ice cubes in Dubai to the palm-sized marvels of health monitoring and the discovery of the coziest canine-inspired human retreats. Enjoy!



For Statistics

Sober Curious' Movement Challenges Traditional Drinking Habits Among Americans


In 2024, a notable shift in American drinking habits is on the horizon, as a growing number of individuals embrace the "sober curious" movement. Contrary to the consistent rise in annual alcohol intake since the early 2000s, the current trend suggests a potential reversal. Particularly among Gen Z, the shift is evident, with only 50% of young Americans reporting alcohol consumption in the past month in 2022—a significant drop from the 60% recorded in 2002.

This cultural transformation is causing concern within the alcohol industry, anticipating a decline of approximately 1% in total alcohol sales each year from 2024 to 2030. Non-alcoholic beer, experiencing a substantial surge in popularity, hints at the possibility that 2024 might witness the driest "dry January" on record, with nearly 1 in 5 Americans having participated in 2023.

The surge in sober curiosity finds support in a recent landmark analysis challenging the longstanding belief in the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. This shift signifies a reevaluation of traditional attitudes towards alcohol safety, prompting individuals to reconsider their drinking habits. As the sober curious movement gains momentum, 2024 may mark a turning point in the way Americans approach and engage with alcohol.

I’ll drink to that!


For Unusual

Arctic Ice's Glacier Gambit


Sipping a frozen daiquiri on a Dubai skyscraper takes a chilling turn with Arctic Ice, a Greenland entrepreneur's venture aiming to elevate the experience. Forget ordinary ice cubes—Arctic Ice harvests ancient glacier ice from Greenland's fjords, shipping it to exclusive bars in the United Arab Emirates. Co-founder Malik V Rasmussen boasts about the ice's millennia-long compression, ensuring a bubble-free and slower melt compared to regular ice. Not just a gimmick, this glacial ice is purer than the typical frozen mineral water cubes in Dubai. However, the startup faced an unexpected storm of criticism, with social media skeptics questioning the priorities of selling glacier water amid global warming concerns. The chilly reception even extended to comments verging on death threats, leaving the founders ice-cold in surprise.

The startup was launched in 2022, but only dispatched its first 20 metric tonnes of ice recently.


For Explore

BeamO by Withings: Your Pocket-Sized Health Hub


In the world of healthcare, Withings has shrunk the hospital to fit in your pocket with its latest marvel, BeamO. This pint-sized powerhouse, debuting at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, is not your ordinary gadget—it's a "one-minute health checkup" wizard. Smaller than a smartphone but mightier than you'd think, BeamO lets you play doctor at home. Want to know your heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen level, or let it eavesdrop on your lungs? Just hold it up to your chest, and voila! Your vitals, now in the palm of your hand, can be beamed straight to your clinician via the Withings app. Eric Carreel, Withings' founder, promises a revolution in health scans, turning your humble abode into a high-tech health hub. FDA clearance pending, BeamO is set to hit the market in 2024, bringing healthcare to your doorstep for just $249.95—because who said checkups can't be pocket-sized and fabulous?



for special

Unleash Your Nap Game: Plufl's $500 Human-Sized Dog Beds Are the Ultimate Canine-Inspired Comfort Craze!


Ever caught your canine companion luxuriously sprawled across their plush bed, basking in the glory of a midday nap, and found yourself yearning for a taste of that comfort? Well, rejoice, for Plufl, a daring startup, is now offering $500 human-sized dog beds. Stretching six feet long, these beds are tailor-made for the ultimate nap experience. In a world where Google searches for the human version of dog beds soared by a staggering 1,650% last year, the Plufl bed might just be the Snuggie of our dreams—destined to be a meme-worthy delight we openly tease but secretly crave. Get ready to indulge in the art of canine-inspired relaxation!


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