Sue's List

Sue's List

Let’s dive into this week’s list and explore the extraordinary tales of the She-Economy, Coolcations, Banana Magic, and the Retail Revolution.



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Ladies Hammering Stereotypes: Women Builders Take Center Stage in the "She-conomy" Boom!

In a twist that even Barbie might not have seen coming, women are reshaping the business landscape by venturing into unexpected territories. According to Yelp's latest report, women outpaced the growth of beauty businesses by opening more home services ventures in 2023.

The rise of the "she-economy" is not just a catchy phrase; it's backed by hard stats. Women are breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated sectors like plumbing and HVAC repair. Yelp's insights reveal that listings within the home services category, curated by women, skyrocketed by an impressive 38% in 2023 compared to the previous year, outpacing the national average of 32%.

Zooming in on specific cities unveils a construction revolution. In Boston, women-led general contractor businesses experienced an eye-popping growth of 500%. Meanwhile, Miami's electricians and DC's flooring listings, both launched by women, saw a commendable 400% surge. The girl power didn't stop there – pressure washing in New York City, home organization in Charlotte, and handyman services in Chicago all recorded growth rates exceeding 200%.

Stepping back for a panoramic view, it's not just hammers and nails making noise. Women's impact reverberated in hospitality and travel businesses, with vacation rentals, travel agencies, and limos witnessing a robust 44% growth, outshining the national average of 28%. Austin, Miami, Washington D.C., Denver, and Orlando emerged as the metro areas with the highest growth.

As the she-economy unfolds, one thing's for sure – women are not just fixing leaky faucets: they're also smashing stereotypes and turning the business world into their canvas. And for those wondering about the surge in miter saw content on Instagram? Blame it on the women revolutionizing home services and giving us all major DIY goals! ðŸ”§ðŸ¡âœ¨



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Bananas: The Unlikely Heroes of the Grocery Aisle Amidst Inflation Chaos

In a world where the cost of groceries is skyrocketing faster than a rollercoaster, there's one humble fruit that stands tall, unscathed by the ravages of inflation – the banana. According to IMF data, the average price of bananas has clung steadfastly below 80 cents per pound since 2004, an anomaly that has us all wondering if these yellow wonders are secretly financial wizards.

If you crunch the numbers, you will find that at the current inflation rate, it will take a whopping 210 years for the banana price tag to ascend to a jaw-dropping $10. Move over, cryptocurrency – bananas might be the unexpected investment of the future!

So, what's the secret behind this price stability? Picture this: vast banana plantations blessed with ideal growing conditions, where the bananas frolic in tropical splendor. Add low labor costs, sweet trade agreements, and a dash of urgency – sellers need to move these potassium-packed delights fast before they metamorphose into brown blobs destined for banana bread greatness.

In the grocery aisle drama of inflation-induced sticker shock, bananas emerge as the unsung heroes, keeping wallets and potassium levels intact. It's a fruit-powered triumph against the rising tide of price hikes, proving that in a world going bananas over inflation, actual bananas remain the cool and affordable antidote.




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Beat the Heat: "Coolcations" Are the Coolest Trend in Summer Getaways!

Summer vacations are taking a frosty turn as the Arctic becomes the new go-to destination to escape scorching temperatures. Condé Nast Traveler has dubbed it one of the "biggest travel trends in 2024," predicting that places like Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Scotland will steal the spotlight from traditional hotspots.

Why does it matter? Despite the cringe-worthy term "coolcationing," this trend could reshape travel, resorts, and real estate investments. As climate change shifts preferences, the Arctic's chill is becoming more alluring than traditional sun-soaked destinations.

Condé Nast Traveler points out the appeal of "temperate destinations," with the added bonus of fewer crowds in cities (at least for now). People are now less concerned about rain and more about soaring temperatures, prompting them to venture further afield to colder climes.

Numbers speak volumes: Iglu Cruise reported a 235% surge in demand for Arctic destinations in 2023. The Arctic, heralded as the new Antarctica, is now a hotspot for polar cruises offering Champagne-soaked adventures to remote locales like Svalbard and Canada's Baffin Island.

However, the "coolcation" trend isn't without risks. Increased shipping and tourist boat traffic in the Arctic pose environmental threats, reminding us that even cool escapes can have a warming impact.

"The Frozen effect" has fueled interest in Norway, the inspiration for Disney's films, making it a hot (or rather, cool) destination. Plus, chasing the Northern Lights is now the epitome of hip travel.

As "coolcationing" takes the travel scene by storm, social media is buzzing with promotional posts, enticing wanderers to embrace the chill for a refreshing summer escape.




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Shrinking Giants and Virtual Adventures: Best Buy and Macy's Pivot with Live Streamed Shopping! 

Get ready for a retail rollercoaster as Best Buy and Macy's unveil their plans to conquer the post-pandemic shopping era. Best Buy is closing the curtain on 10 to 15 large stores, opting for a nimble approach with smaller, tech-infused locations in uncharted territories. Meanwhile, Macy's is orchestrating a grand downsizing spectacle, bidding adieu to 150 locations and introducing 30 compact stores by 2025 – a mall makeover in progress!

But the parade of change doesn't end there. Joining the retail revolution are Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Target, Kohl's, Whole Foods, and even the maze master, Ikea. Their strategy? Smaller, sleeker stores that promise streamlined efficiency, snappy order pickups, and a shopping experience tailored to the contemporary consumer's need for Amazon Prime-level speed.

And it's not just about size; it's about reaching new horizons. Best Buy and co. are setting their sights on rural and suburban areas, where affluent families sought refuge during the pandemic. Because who wouldn't want a touch of streamlined shopping amidst suburban tranquility?

As the retail landscape undergoes a metamorphosis, history echoes in the halls. Last year saw a record low for new leases on spaces exceeding 25,000 square feet, marking a seismic shift in retail dynamics!


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