Sue's List

Sue's List

Welcome to this week's list, where we delve into the latest trends, quirks and happenings in the world of real estate, retail and technology. Enjoy!


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Wrangle Your Dream Home with Your Besties

In this wild housing rodeo, it's all about sticking together! Who needs a lone ranger when you can ride into homeownership with your best buds. According to JW Surety Bonds, roughly 15% of Americans have already joined forces to buy a house, proving that teamwork makes the dream work. And get this: nearly half of the population is eyeing the buddy system for their next housing escapade! 

Seems like the younger crowd is leading the charge, with Gen Zer's shouting from the rooftops that they're ready to shack up with a friend. Can't blame them; splitting the mortgage and sharing the closet space sounds like a win-win! 

Pacaso, the real estate oracle, reveals a jaw-dropping 21.1% surge in BFF home purchases. Translation? Buying a house solo is like trying to wrangle a unicorn – nearly impossible! 


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Walmart: From Aisles to Algorithms - Retail's Newest Tech Titans!

Listen up, bargain hunters – Walmart's not just slinging deals on detergent and denim anymore. Nope, they've upgraded their game to include software solutions that even tech giants can't resist! 

Enter Walmart's Route Optimization tool – the secret sauce behind saving them a cool $90 million in just one year. Who knew your favorite store had the brains to match its bargains? According to the Walmart grapevine (aka Bloomberg), this move into software isn't just a fling – it's a full-blown diversification strategy. And get this: Walmart's not stopping at efficient delivery routes. They're diving headfirst into AI territory with Store Assist and AI-powered search. Talk about shopping with smarts! 

And there's more. Walmart's not content with just revolutionizing software – they've set their sights also on your living room. With the recent Vizio acquisition, they're crashing the connected TV party and eyeing those advertising dollars like a hawk. Looks like Walmart's not just dominating the aisles anymore – they're taking over your screen time too.

So next time you're browsing the aisles of your local Walmart, remember – there's more to this retail giant than meets the eye. Who knew shopping could be such a high-tech adventure?


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Google’s HQ Saga: A Comedy of Tech Errors and Ethernet Adventures

Google's grandiose gesture of erecting a cutting-edge headquarters turned into a tech tragedy straight out of an ancient Greek play. Picture this: a colossal building boasting green tech innovations, but alas, the Wi-Fi woes struck hard. 

Employees, armed with Ethernet cables and a sense of adventure, now navigate the office like modern-day explorers, seeking the elusive signal. Collaboration areas? More like Ethernet cable obstacle courses! 

But wait, it gets better. The AI department, hard at work on the next big thing, Gemini, is also facing its share of speed bumps. Perhaps they'll blame it on Mercury's retrograde? 

Who would've thought rainwater-collecting roof tiles would rain on Google's parade? The irony is thicker than Greek yogurt!


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Totes Adorbs: Trader Joe's Mini Bags Spark Frenzy!

Trader Joe's is about to make waves in the fashion world. That's right, their beloved mini canvas totes are set to make a grand return this summer, and the excitement is palpable. But here's the kicker – these humble bags aren't just practical, they're practically gold!

 With the current sold-out status, eBay's buzzing with bids reaching sky-high prices. Who knew a simple tote could become the ultimate must-have accessory? Move over, designer handbags – there's a new trend in town!

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