Sue's List

Sue's List

Enjoy this week's list which covers the still reduced numbers of commuters, the snooze habits of Gen Z and Millennials and even some nifty portable pouches for kids’ phones.



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Life After Lockdown: Work Habits, Commutes, and the Great Downtown Dilemma!

It’s been four years since the pandemic shook up our lives. Well, guess what? Our work habits are still feeling the ripple effects, and the Financial Times has the scoop! According to their latest analysis, the good ol' commute isn't quite back to its former glory. Sure, some brave souls are making the trek back to the office, but it's like a slow-motion movie scene – not quite there yet. In fact, in bustling New York City, the number of commuters is down a whopping 20% from the good old days, and transit usage. Let's just say it's hanging in there at a modest 70%. Turns out, we're not too thrilled about the whole commuting gig anymore. Two-thirds of us find it more challenging than ever. Can you blame us? Rush hour traffic and crowded subway cars aren't exactly everyone's idea of a good time. Now, let's talk about the urban impact. Downtowns are feeling the chill, with quieter streets raising eyebrows and concerns about tax revenue and economic growth. And while public transit is trying to stage a comeback – shoutout to New York, Chicago, and San Francisco for the 15% uptick in ridership – foot traffic in office-heavy city centers like SF is still stuck at a measly 32% of its former glory. Looks like life after lockdown is still a work in progress. 



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Breaking News: Gen Z and Millennials Defy All Odds by Getting Sleepier!

In a shocking turn of events, a recent study unveils that the bedtime habits of young adults are on the mend – literally! From burning the midnight oil to snuggling up in bed before it's even dark outside, it seems like the younger generation is giving 'early to bed, early to rise' a whole new meaning. Forget the late-night shenanigans of yesteryears; today's youth are all about cozying up in bed with a good book or a hot cocoa by 9pm – yes, you read that right, 9pm! Even Hollywood's finest, from Millie Bobby Brown to Hailey Bieber, are trading in their glamorous soirées for a cozy night in. But don't be fooled, it's not all about catching Zs – it's about curating the perfect night routine, complete with skincare, journaling, and maybe even a little mindful meditation. And it's not just the ladies hopping on the sleep train; men are jumping aboard too, with 60% of young lads admitting they'd trade a night out for some quality shut eye. Even the restaurant scene is feeling the snooze effect, with reservations for early bird dinners skyrocketing. But what's behind this sleep revolution, you ask? Blame it on Covid and the 'cozzie livs' crisis! With real life hitting hard and wallets feeling the pinch, who wouldn't opt for a night of self-care and early bedtime over a pricey night on the town? So, there you have it – from TikTok trends to Hollywood stars, everyone's hitting the hay earlier than ever. Who knew catching Zs could be the hottest trend of the decade?



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Yondr: Saving Schools, One Locked Phone at a Time!

Picture this: a world where students can't sneak a peek at their phones during class. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, thanks to Yondr, it's becoming a reality! Forget the days of confiscating phones or battling distracted students. With Yondr's nifty lockable pouches, students kiss their phones goodbye at the classroom door and reunite with them at the final bell — no texting in between! But how does it work? It's simple: like a modern-day textbook, each student gets their very own Yondr pouch. Phones get cozy in their pouches while students tackle the day. And when it's time to part ways, a quick tap against a magic device unlocks the pouch faster than you can say 'Snapchat'. Of course, there's always a backup plan for forgetful kiddos or emergencies, but with Yondr, confiscating phones is so last season. Plus, it's not just about banning phones; it's about giving students a break from the constant buzz of notifications and helping them focus on what really matters: learning! With over 3,000 schools on board and growing, Yondr's making waves in the education world. And let's not forget, they're still the go-to for phone-free concerts featuring legends like Chris Rock and Bob Dylan. Sure, there's some pushback from students who miss their beloved devices, but hey, you can't please everyone. So, here's to Yondr, the unsung hero of classroom sanity! 📵✨"



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Reach for the Stars: Indulge in a $495K Meal Served in Space!

Ready to splurge for a sky-high dining experience? Forget your typical astronaut fare, because SpaceVIP is taking luxury to new heights with a $495,000 meal served in a space balloon! Chef Rasmus Munk from Alchemist, with two Michelin stars, is cooking up a cosmic feast for six lucky adventurers. Picture stylish space suits, a scenic journey to 100,000 feet, and a menu inspired by 60 years of space exploration. Plus, guests can livestream their adventure with onboard Wi-Fi. But don't worry, it's not all just for show - proceeds go towards promoting women in STEM. Who's ready to dine among the stars?



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