Sue's List

Sue's List

Enjoy this week’s topics which cover Harvard’s admission numbers, taking a dive, the surprising truth of methane levels in landfills, and even exploring the fascinating development of babies’ empathy.


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Harvard's Year: Not Every Day Can Be a 387th Birthday Bash!


So, when your brand's been around for a whopping 387 years, it's bound to have its ups and downs, am I right? Case in point: Harvard, the OG of US universities, had a bit of a bumpy ride this year. But hey, who doesn't love a good plot twist? Here's the scoop: Harvard drew in 5% fewer applicants than last year. Yep, you heard that right – the old girl had a bit of a slump after some campus drama. Meanwhile, over at Yale, it's party central with a whopping 10% increase in applicants, making it rain candidates like never before! Now, before you start dusting off your crimson sweater and dreaming of Harvard Yard, let's talk numbers. Harvard's acceptance rate? A slim 3.6%. Yep, you've got better odds of finding a four-leaf clover in a haystack! While Harvard may be a tough nut to crack, there are plenty of other Ivy League adventures waiting to be had.  Cheers to the highs, the lows, and everything in between.



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Trash Talk: Landfills Outpace Cows in Methane Emissions, Study Finds

In a groundbreaking study published in Science, researchers have revealed that landfills are the real culprits behind methane emissions, not cows as previously thought. Using cutting-edge imaging spectrometers, scientists flew over 20% of the largest landfills in the US to measure methane concentrations, uncovering shocking emissions rates nearly three times higher than previously reported to federal regulators. The study uncovered that over half of the landfills tested were emitting methane at alarming levels, forming what scientists call "methane plumes." These plumes arise from decades of decomposing trash, creating what researchers whimsically refer to as "garbage lasagna" within the landfills. With methane possessing 80 times the warming capacity of carbon dioxide in the short term, the implications of these findings are significant. While most climate change policies have focused on reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, the study argues that landfills should also be a primary target. As lead scientist Dan Cusworth emphasized, even with a transition to cleaner fuels, effective waste management remains crucial in combating climate change.   



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Babies: The Little Empathy Heroes in Diapers! 

Even before they hit the age of two, they are already showing signs of being a caring soul! According to a recent study, babies start developing their first hints of empathy around 18 months old. However, it's not just a matter of nature – it's all about nurture too. The way caregivers, especially mothers, respond to their little ones' cries plays a big role in shaping their empathy levels later on. So, if mom reacts with sensitivity to those tiny fusses, the little ones are more likely to grow into empathetic individuals. It's like learning to walk, but with feelings! Researchers highlight that this ability isn't hardwired into us; it's something we pick up from our surroundings.Also, developing empathy isn't just about feeling the feels; it's also about mastering the art of emotional regulation and seeing the world through someone else's eyes – pretty advanced stuff for a baby, right? So, next time you see a toddler reaching out to comfort a crying friend, remember – it's never too early to start spreading the love!


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