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Sue's List


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Risky Business: Homeowners Roll the Dice as Insurance Premiums Skyrocket

Home insurance has long been the guardian angel against life's unpredictable calamities, from floods to hurricanes. But with premiums soaring to new heights, many homeowners are rolling the dice and opting out of coverage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a staggering 12% of Americans went without home insurance last year, tempted by the allure of paying off their homes in full. However, this gamble comes at a cost. The average premium now sits at a hefty $1,759 per year for $250K worth of coverage, marking a staggering 23% increase from the previous year. Insurers, wary of high-risk areas, are tightening their purse strings, further driving up costs. But before homeowners cash in on their perceived savings, they should consider the risks. Most mortgage lenders mandate insurance until the loan is cleared, and for good reason. Insurers have swallowed over $55 billion in property-casualty losses since 2021, painting a grim picture for the uninsured—especially those residing in disaster-prone regions. While premiums may weigh heavy on the wallet, the potential consequences of going without coverage are far heavier. After all, what's more valuable than safeguarding one's home sweet home?



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St. Louis Office Tower Sells for a "Steal" Amidst Midwest Real Estate Woes

In a jaw-dropping deal that would make even the most seasoned bargain hunter proud, the once-glamorous One AT&T Center in St. Louis changed hands for a mere $3.6 million last week. That's right, folks, we're talking a whopping 98% plunge from its glory days when it fetched a cool $205 million back in 2006. But hold onto your hard hats, because this saga of plummeting property values isn't just a St. Louis spectacle; it's a Midwest meltdown. According to a study from the University of Toronto, six out of the top 10 office districts with the biggest decline in foot traffic hail from the heartland. And poor St. Louis takes the cake with the steepest drop of them all. Now, St. Louis finds itself caught in the dreaded "doom loop" – the vicious cycle where people flee a city, conditions worsen, prompting even more people to flee, and so on. It's like a real estate horror movie and St. Louis might just be starring in the lead role. However, there may be a glimmer of hope amidst the rubble. While the office district languishes in despair, St. Louis is seeing signs of life sprouting up like daisies in spring. With a new soccer stadium, a smorgasbord of restaurants and bars, residential buildings, and even an amusement park housed in a converted train station, it seems the city is reinventing itself faster than you can say "redevelopment." So, can St. Louis break free from the clutches of the doom loop? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure – in the rollercoaster ride of real estate, anything is possible.



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Swinging Success: Golf's Renaissance Hits a Hole-in-One

This weekend's Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, wasn't just about the green jacket changing hands; it marked a victory lap for the entire golf industry. With Scottie Scheffler clinching his second Masters win, golf enthusiasts reveled in the resurgence of a sport once deemed exclusive to older, affluent gentlemen. But this revival isn't just about the legends on the course; it's about the off-course revolution spearheaded by places like Topgolf. As off-course visits soar, young blood is injecting new life into the game, transforming skeptics into avid golfers.Topgolf, the titan of off-course golf, teed up a staggering $1.76B in revenue in 2023, showcasing the seismic shift in the sport's landscape.Yet, as golf enjoys its pandemic-induced renaissance, questions linger about its long-term sustainability. Can golf keep its grip on popularity once the COVID craze fades? And with TV ratings dwindling, the sport must innovate to keep its audience engaged. However, as America's love affair with golf faces uncertain times, the global scene is flourishing. Sales of golf equipment and apparel are soaring worldwide, hinting at a promising future abroad, especially in countries like Korea, Japan, and the UK. So, as golf charts its course forward, one thing is clear: this is no bogey; it's a birdie of epic proportions.




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Breaking Up with Smartphones 

Will Stults and Daisy Krigbaum were once glued to their smartphones, drowning in digital distractions. But their quest for a simpler life led them to create Dumbwireless, an e-commerce venture offering low-tech alternatives to the smartphone addiction epidemic. Their success story mirrors a growing trend of individuals seeking respite from constant connectivity. With the rise of products like the Light Phone and innovative solutions like Brick, even Gen Z is embracing a digital detox. As society grapples with the consequences of constant screen time, the allure of a pared-down, distraction-free lifestyle is more enticing. 

For more info click: Dumbwireless



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