Sue's List

Sue's List

This week we are diving into some interesting topics. From the so-called “Silver Tsunami” and what it means for the housing market, to the innovative world of bean less espresso, and even bees that can survive underwater for a week!


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The Silver Tsunami

Have you heard the term "Silver Tsunami" being used lately? It refers to the idea that a large wave of baby boomers might suddenly sell their homes or downsize, leading to a potential disruption in the housing market. The concern is that if many baby boomers put their homes on the market simultaneously, it could create a spike in supply, affecting housing prices and increasing competition for smaller homes.

But let's break down why this scenario is unlikely and why you don't need to worry about a "Silver Tsunami" drastically impacting the housing market.

Many baby boomers are not planning to move or downsize at all. According to an AARP study, over half of adults aged 65 and older prefer to stay in their current homes as they age, a concept known as "aging in place." This indicates that a significant number of baby boomers won't be flooding the housing market with homes for sale.

Even if some baby boomers decide to move, it won't happen overnight. Those who choose to stay in their homes might adapt them to accommodate changing needs as they age. Others might buy a second home for convenience while keeping their original property as an investment for future generations.

Given these factors, the impact of baby boomers on the housing market will likely be gradual rather than sudden. With most planning to stay put, the feared "Silver Tsunami" will not cause a dramatic upheaval in the housing market. Any shifts that do occur will happen slowly over a longer period, allowing the market to adapt and balance naturally.

In summary, while the term "Silver Tsunami" may sound dramatic, there's little reason to worry about an abrupt shift in the housing market caused by baby boomers. The expected changes will be gradual, allowing both homeowners and the market to adjust at a steady pace.



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Beanless Espresso: The Future of Sustainable Coffee?

As Americans chug more coffee than ever, a startup is brewing up something completely different: a "bean less espresso" that's all about sustainability. Here's the scoop on why this matters: Coffee farming is a major deforestation culprit, shipping coffee beans adds to carbon emissions, and climate change could mess with the global coffee supply.

Seattle-based Atomo Coffee skips the coffee beans altogether, instead using a mix of unexpected ingredients like millet, guava, date seeds, ramon seeds, pea protein, and even baking soda to mimic that familiar coffee taste. Some of these ingredients are made from plant waste, giving the brew a green edge. And yes, there's still caffeine, thanks to green tea—100 milligrams per double shot.

Atomo's bean less brew is rolling out in several U.S. coffee shops. Look for it in cities like Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Austin. Oh, and they launched on Earth Day—nice touch, right? By August, it'll be in 58 Bluestone Lane locations, with more spots potentially joining.

Bean less espresso isn't cheap. Expect to pay a bit more for milk-based drinks with this eco-friendly alternative, kind of like those fancy mushroom coffees. Each shop sets its own prices, but Atomo's wholesale grounds go for $20.99 per pound.

Atomo is part of a new wave of startups pushing "better for the environment" products. Think cow-free cheese from New Culture or lab-grown meat. These ventures are about doing good, but they're also dealing with the challenge of reducing costs and scaling up production. If Atomo can make bean less coffee a hit, it could be a win for your morning brew and the planet.


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Fool’s Gold strikes it Rich

Fool's gold might just be hiding some green energy gold. As demand for lithium—the superstar metal in electric-vehicle batteries—shoots through the roof, a new source has popped up in the most unexpected place: pyrite, or what most folks call fool’s gold. Turns out it's not just a shiny rock that dupes treasure hunters, it might actually hold a treasure trove of lithium.

A team of geoscientists in West Virginia got curious and took rock samples from the Appalachian basin. What they found was astonishing: a ton of lithium hanging out in the pyrite. This was so surprising that one of the researchers exclaimed it was “unheard of.” They’re feeling pretty jazzed about the discovery, thinking they might find lithium in other pyrite deposits outside their study area, too.

Here's why that's super cool: if it pans out, it could mean a low-energy way to score more lithium without having to dig up a bunch of new mines, which are not exactly eco-friendly. This might be a win-win for both the environment and the electric vehicle industry, proving that even fool's gold can lead to something truly golden.




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Bees Out of Water: Queens Survive a Week Underwater!

Accidents in the lab usually spell disaster for experiments, but sometimes they lead to the coolest surprises—like this one: Canadian scientists accidentally flooded an enclosure filled with hibernating queen bumblebees, thinking it was game over. But guess what? The queens survived a full week submerged!

This unexpected finding was too intriguing to ignore, so the team decided to put it to the test. They submerged 143 more of the same type of bumblebee for seven days to see if their original discovery was a fluke. It wasn't. The hibernating queen bees had almost the same survival rate whether they were kept dry or underwater for a week. It turns out that hibernation might act as a secret weapon against drowning!

These bees are tougher than they look, proving once again that nature has some crazy tricks up its sleeve. Next time you see a bee, give it a nod—it might just have survived a watery adventure.



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