Sue's List

Sue's List

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S For Statistics


Southern Europe's Real Estate Frenzy: Portugal Takes the Crown in Record-Breaking Year

Southern Europe's real estate market is booming, with a record €31.7 billion investment in 2022. Portugal led the charge, boasting an impressive 67% increase in real estate investment compared to the previous year. Spain and Italy trailed behind with 39% and 26% increases respectively. The region now accounts for 11% of the continent's total real estate investment, up from 6% in 2021. Thank the post-pandemic recovery of domestic consumption and energy price resilience for this surge. Cross-border investment also reached an all-time high, as market fundamentals continue to attract investors. So, who's ready to join Portugal's real estate party? Let me know if you need any further information.

U For Unique


Whiskey Takes a Galactic Leap: Introducing Mystic Galactic, the Universe's Rarest Bourbon

Mystic Farm & Distillery is boldly going where no spirit has gone before, launching Mystic Galactic, a bourbon whiskey aged for one year in space. Collaborating with SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, and other pioneers, Mystic plans to send five barrels of their award-winning wheat bourbon whiskey to Low Earth Orbit. With just 1,300 bottles up for grabs, this celestial spirit truly defines luxury and exclusivity. For a $75,000 deposit, buyers get an NFT to prove authenticity, access to exclusive parties, and a 50-ml sample of the space-aged bourbon. So, whiskey enthusiasts, prepare to take your taste buds on an astronomical journey with Mystic Galactic – the final frontier in the world of spirits.

Mystic Galactic

E For Explore


Catch a Deal with "Standby" Living: Enjoy a Fully Furnished Apartment for a Steal, but Watch Out for Bumps!

Craving flexibility and a great deal on housing? "Standby" living by Landing is here to shake up the rental scene. For just $1,295 a month, you can snag a fully furnished apartment without a lease or security deposit. The twist? You might need to move with just three days' notice. This unique offering, perfect for remote workers, empty nesters, and adventurers, lets you live cheaply while enjoying the thrill of the unknown. Just like flying standby, you could be bumped by a higher-paying customer – but that's all part of the adventure! So, are you ready to embrace the world of standby living and explore new cities at a steal?

Standby Living

‘s For small peeps


Seussical JR: A Whimsical Adventure of Friendship, Loyalty, and Love

Embark on a fantastical journey with Seussical JR, where Horton and Gertrude unite to save the Whos, free Horton, and restore harmony to the Jungle of Nool. This enchanting tale celebrates the power of individuality and the importance of standing up for your beliefs.

But wait, there's more! Before the show, little ones can revel in Dr. Seuss-themed games, scrumptious treats, and cozy book-nook read-alouds. And what's a Seussical event without a character meet & greet? Get ready to mingle with a Who or two! So, gather your friends, both young and old, for a Seussical JR experience that's heartwarming and bold. 

Bedford Middle School Cafeteria, 88 North Ave in Westport, CT

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